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APCO Guided Mayday SLT

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Guided Mayday SLT
Super Light Weight Rogallo type steerable rescue system

G-MD SLT is the new born superlight brother of our well known and respected G-MD. The G-MD SLT shares the same performance of G-MD SLT, but is much lighter (less than 2 kg.) and smaller pack volume. To achieve this goal, we used the latest hi-tech materials and cloth, including the use of PN-9 (20 Denier based high tenacity Nylon – same cloth used on Mayday SLT range).

G-MD SLT – fully certified to EN requirements. The G-MD SLT offers super fast, yet still soft deployment, making sure you land safely, unshocked while safly steering to a landing field chosen by you. The deployment sequence of G-MD SLT is designed to function with or without a cut-off system for the main wing, making it attractive to weekend pilots thanks to the simplicity of use, combined with the advantages of a steerable guiding rescue.

Design features

  • Super lightweight – less than 2 Kg. folded into internal deployment bag
  • Glides with L/D of ~1.5 and low sink rate, allowing for flare and soft landing.
  • Fully steerable – in same fashion as paraglider, allows for choice of landing places
  • low sink rate
  • High deployment reliability
  • Ultra fast opening with low deployment shock
  • Excellent flaring capacity on landing
  • Competitive pricing (best value for money)
  • Comes complete with brake handles and bridle/riser

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